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RMTomasko (RMTomasko@aol.com)
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 18:01:53 EST

Replying to LO17301 --

In LO17301 Rick Karash speculated

> - Or, for each msg, the average quality scores of that author's past msgs
>could be displayed as a guide.

Would these be placed in the subject headings so as to guide us in our
decision to delete unread messages (only when we get real busy, of

On another list I participate in, the participants are ranked each month.
The host publishes names of the top 20 most frequent contributors along
with each person's number of contributions that month. A monthly list is
also provided of number of messages per thread.

I've observed that "making" the top 20 list seems to count for some
people: both in terms of being on it and being either leading it or among
the top 5. My (very subjective) observation is some contributors, after
the rankings were first issued, started sending some less-than-profound
contributions just to keep their place in the the next monthly feedback.

To me, this seemed a bit silly. But it sure reinforces the old idea that
by measuring a specific behavior, we're likely to influence it in ways
that wouldn't happen if we didn't measure it.

So, my question for Rick: in what direction would you like to influence
things by the system of quality and relevance ratings you've (maybe with a
little tounge-in-cheek) proposed?

Bob Tomasko


RMTomasko <RMTomasko@aol.com>

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