Announcing the LO17334

Richard C. Holloway (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 17:22:21 -0800

I am pleased to announce the initial publication of The Journal @ You will find the journal located at This journal examines organizations as living

We are fortunate to have three original manuscripts for your reading
pleasure, authored by At de Lange, Dick Knowles and Ken Baskin.

I also want to invite those of you who may be interested to submit your
ideas for your original article to appear in the next edition of this
journal (tentatively scheduled for early June, 1998).

Walk in peace,

Doc Holloway

"Truth does not emerge from opinions; it must emerge from something
else-perhaps from a more free movement of this tacit mind.  So we have
to get meanings coherent if we are going to perceive truth, or to take
part in the truth."  --David Bohm
Thresholds--developing critical skills for living organizations
Richard C. "Doc" Holloway
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