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Vana prewitt said, in part:

> Right on, Paul. The thing that matters most to my audience is:
> - how will it reduce errors?

This is the wrong question- improvement in quality is the key here- error
reduction is a subset. Just look at Ford's motto- quality is job one ,or,
the Saturn adverts on quality and pride in ownership

KM rquires asking new questions and not those of the industrial model

> - how will it improve efficiency / speed
> - how much money / time will it save me

These are a set of the wrong questions, again. Marketing folks will tell
you that people will pay more for perceived value- what is the net benefit
is a better question. If the spread improves it is not always due to the
bottom or cost being reduced. Giving the maketing dept the chepest product
does not always enhance the bottom line

> - how will it improve customer satisfaction
> - how will it reduce turnover

And these last two should now be obvious

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