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>The thing that matters most to my audience is:
> - how will it reduce errors?
> - how will it improve efficiency / speed
> - how much money / time will it save me
> - how will it improve customer satisfaction
> - how will it reduce turnover
>and such things

I gave a presentation on Knowledge Management to my CEO and Deputy CEO in
January, and looking back, my assumptions were that they would be
interested in the following:

- What is knowledge (in an organisational context)
- What are other large companies doing (ours is a public sector
organisation with over 26,000 employees)
- What are the critical success factors for knowledge management to work
(structural and cultural)
- What are low value approaches to knowledge management (my examples were
a)throwing a workgroup tool into the workplace and waiting for knowledge
management to "happen" and b)trying to codify everything we could which
has a high cost and low benefit)
- how do we fit knowledge management into the organisation business
- a suggested high level plan for proceeding.

It took about an hour, including questions, and was quite well received so
I have assumed that these were the issues that they were interested in.

Our new executive have a strong focus on creating a learning organisation,
and so I suggested that rather than use the term "knowledge management" to
describe what we want to do, that we use the term "knowledge stewardship"
as I felt that management implies a hierarchy of responsibility, while
"stewardship" conveys the message that all staff are responsible for our
knowledge creation/diffusion/use/security.

Hope this is of some help

Di Henderson

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