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Richard C. Holloway (thejournal@thresholds.com)
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 22:23:52 -0800

Replying to LO17354 --

Very interesting response, Raju. I was more inclined to think that
emotion reflects the inner person (or the god, if you will) who lives
inside each one of us. sometimes the god is very small or dead or evil.
But most people I know (just most of them) have a god inside them that
reflects their self-love and self-esteem and that is the source for the
concern or love that they shower on their communities.

I'm also always curious about the interest in creating Top 10 lists. Is
that because we have 10 toes or fingers? I've always had a problem going
beyond 4 or 5 top things--but then I'm not too imaginative. I like to
play the values game found in the 5th discipline fieldbook--where people
have to winnow their 10 top values down to 3 then finally to 1. It's
quite interesting how all of the original 10 (and then some) can end up
being explained (rationalized) into the 3. When they get to the 1, all of
the others are finally distilled into that 1.

Sometimes building a list of 100 and then distilling it into 1 provides a
true jewel of a meaning for the distiller.

I V N S Raju wrote:

> Tom,
> this is a quick reflection on your contribution. emotion stems from a
> concern. Concern could be of any nature as described by Maslow. When a
> community is concerned about certain things it is bound to be driven
> emotionally by those concerns. Such emotional driving endures as long as
> there is a LOVE for those concerns. I mean to say here that LOVE pervades
> in all human actions. Once that LOVE is recognised 90% of the concern is
> addressed. Those communities that exhibit and live for LOVE would only
> flurish.

walk in peace,

Doc Holloway

"Truth does not emerge from opinions; it must emerge from something
else-perhaps from a more free movement of this tacit mind.  So we have to get
meanings coherent if we are going to perceive truth, or to take part in the
-David Bohm
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