Flashes of Leadership Insight? LO17370

Nancy Polend (nanjr@erols.com)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 10:09:45 -0500

Replying to LO17365 --

Hello Walter and fellow LOers,

You had quite a list of questions about insight. That was quite
insightful! :)

Walter Derzko wrote:

> Think back....
> -Are there generic questions or prompts that one can use to quicken the
> time to insight ? (TTI)

Although your questions were wonderful, thought-provoking, and creative, I
believe that some things aren't meant to be, nor can they be understood at
the conscious level. Insight, to me, is one of those things. Which is
not to say that thinking about the answers to the questions you pose is
wasted time...the mere act of *trying* to answer the questions will give
us insights into insights.

Upon pondering your questions, I came up with the following: Insights to
me are spontaneous, often largely unconscious phenomena with ingredients
(in variable ratios) such as memory, intellect, linkages or connections,
experience, environment, flexibility, timing, learning, and probably a
whole host of other things. When you mix these ingredients up, along with
a dash of luck for good measure, there is a chance for an insight...it
might also pass you by for no known reason...making the unconscious
conscious is a hit or miss proposition, after all.

Thanks for the great questions...it was fun thinking about it!

Nancy Polend


Nancy Polend <nanjr@erols.com>

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