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> I mean to say here that LOVE pervades
> in all human actions. Once that LOVE is recognised 90% of the concern is
> addressed. Those communities that exhibit and live for LOVE would only
> flurish.
>walk in peace,
>Doc Holloway


I would have to question what exactly do you mean by "LOVE". What are the
qualities of "love". And.. are we attributing our human ideas of what
"love" is to this concept rather than recognizing love as a universal
power that we all can access. I did a workshop once that focused on the
qualities of Love.. passion, excitement, fulfillment, creativity,
honesty, highest potential in any situation, to name a few. When a person
or a community embody these qualities.. lives flourish.. goals are
attained, and everyone becomes more aware of the potential within them to
create, to sustain, and to accomplish that which they truly desire. To
me.. "love" is one of the most ambiguous words that is used today. It is
one of the words that has so many, many different meanings to different
people. Let's get more specific as to what is meant by "love".. so that
we can utilize this force for positive transformation in people's lives.



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