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Ed Brenegar (edb3@msn.com)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:30:34 -0000

LO friends,

I've been asked to address the diversity committee of a national media
company. Their interest is roughly stated, "Diversity beyond the numbers"
or "Diversity and the bottom-line." I recognize that those two concepts
are not the same, and they do too, but they are interested in going beyond
merely insuring hiring equity to utilizing their employee, production and
market diversity to its full advantage. What I am interested in two fold.

1. How do you react to "Diversity beyond the numbers?" And in so doing,
how would you approach such a topic if asked to address it before a
diverse group of top managers? How do you define diversity, and address
it through your programs. What is the learning organization angle on

2. Could you describe for me companies which are exemplary in their
diversity programs, and what it is that they are doing to expand their
capacity to reap benefits from a diverse workforce and market? How do
they assess and measure the impact of their diversity programs upon their
mission fulfillment and financial bottomline?

If you wish you can contact me off the list, and I'll share general
thoughts and themes later. Please excuse me if you have found this on
another list.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.

Dr. Ed Brenegar
Leadership Resources


"Ed Brenegar" <edb3@msn.com>

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