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Slamet Hendry (sh@earthling.net)
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 20:57:29 +0700

Replying to LO17380 --

"Ed Brenegar" wrote

>I've been asked to address the diversity committee of a national media
>company. Their interest is roughly stated, "Diversity beyond the
>numbers" or "Diversity and the bottom-line." I recognize that those two
>concepts are not the same, and they do too, but they are interested in
>going beyond merely insuring hiring equity to utilizing their employee,
>production and market diversity to its full advantage.

I think diversity can enhance the bottom line for team based organization,
in general. The keyword here is "team based." I have two assumptions.
1. "Together Everyone Achieves More," i.e. 1+1+1+1=5.
2. The best performing team consists of diverse members whose diversity
complements each other. (I refer to http://www.hbdi.com.)

Therefore, when they manage the organization in ways that most of the
teams consists of complimentarily-diverse-team members, then they will get
the best possible output that their talent pool can give. Thus in this
case, diversity adds to the bottom line, and not just numbers.

Non team based organization can still benefit from diversity, but probably
less since they have less means to tap into the potential. - --


Slamet Hendry (sh@earthling.net) Jakarta, Indonesia

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