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Wed, 11 Mar 1998 20:34:54 EST

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Bob Vander Wilt (LO17379) asked about resources to use in:

> a new graduate level seminar offering in the
>Department of Educational Leadership at Mankato State University (MN)
>entitled "The Language of Leadership".

Sounds like an interesting course. Three books that deal with how leaders
use language and stories that I've found useful are:

_Corporate Legends & Lore_ by Peg Neuhauser
_The Invisible Powers_ by John Clancy
_The Sir Winston Method- by James Humes

This is an important subject, one that hasn't been integrated enough in
the emerging organizational learning knowledge base. If you want to look
into the way stories are used to build and change corporate cultures, you
may also want to talk with Harrison Owen, developer of the Open Space

Good luck!

Bob Tomasko


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