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Thu, 7 May 1998 13:35:01 -0400

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Roxanne, you said,

>I agree that the highly competitive person would generally no recognize
>the merits of opinions other that his own, however I was stunned by the
>thought that the totally cooperative person does not have opinions. Kofi
>Anin? Mother Theresa? The Dalai Lama? Martin Luther King?

Actually, I know a bit about King, and he was not a cooperative person.
His values led him a certain direction, and he was absolutely, totally
uncompromising on those values. He very definitely was in competition
with the accepted status quo of the time. Here was a man who for the
first time in American history could lead a very, very large number of
people away from deeply held convictions. His methods may have been
collaborative, but this man was highly competitive around his goals.

On the other hand, I would modify my own statement. The totally
cooperative person never puts his or her opinions forth for perusal by
others. However, the accent is on the word "total".


Rol Fessenden

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