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Richard S. Webster (webster.1@osu.edu)
Tue, 12 May 1998 15:41:58 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO18065 --

LO Colleagues -

Nothing to add on this thread just now, except the observation that six
weeks without At's contributions will make our network less of many things
for me. At's writings are, for me: "interesting, confusing, irritating,
outlandish, thought-provoking, ... and others that I could think of if I
took a litle more time to reflect on what he's caused me to think about
and helped me learn.

At, I'm sure I speak for many of our "Organlearners" when I say "safe
travels and return," we await your further writings when you rejoin us
with a rested mind and a few dozen (hundred) new ideas!

Dick Webster

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