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Christian Giroux (Christian.Giroux@lmc.ericsson.se)
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Margaret McIntyre wrote:

> We have probably talked about this before, but I will raise it
>again. Ben raises a critical issue - that of trust. I wonder what role
>the ability of generating trust has for learning organizations, for
> competition/cooperation, for high performance, etc.
> Do we know how to GENERATE trust when it doesn't exist?
> Could this be a key to sustaining LOs?
> A key competence in the era of knowledge workers?

I believe one of the most important side-effect of developing
Model II skills as described by Argyris is trust building. In my opinion,
the skilled use of the left-hand column, balancing advocacy and inquiry
and the awareness of our own leaps in the ladder of inference are all keys
to generate trust and to sustain an LO. There are also in my mind a key
competence for all workers, knowledge workers or not.



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