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You asked,

"What do you mean by "technology?" I've been increasingly interested in
what "we" all mean when we use that word -- what it implies." Good

Here's my take. Technology is any physical object used to enhance human
endeavor. It may be a stick, flint and some rope, or it could be a
computer and modem. The advent of the automobile, plane, telephone, and
the computer and it's peripherals enables me to do the work that I do.
They provide mobility and immediacy. A hundred years ago, I'd be
traveling either by horse or train, sending letters through the mail, and
possibly talking on an early telephone. No email, no conference calls, no
video conferencing, etc. It would be a tough way to work.

And I view technology as essentially neutral, and that it becomes either
positive or negative, an asset or a liability through human use.

Thanks for asking.

Ed Brenegar
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