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Replying to LO18227 --

Simon, I'm glad you've challenged these 6 principles. As I mentioned,
they are presented in a fine book on ethics (here's the book info, if
you're interested


I've not known anyone yet who didn't object (including myself) to this
particular set of principles (indeed, I've picked my own--and modify it
from time to time). However, it's a method to use in determining one's
own set of principles by which to guide ethical organizational decisions
through ethical dilemmas.

For instance, where you were satisfied with "confidentiality," I preferred
"discretion" as a principle. My primary reason for continuing to share
(or harp?) on these originated in our thread on Morality in LOs and then I
combined them with cooperative/competitive behaviors.

I do advocate that learning orgs need to encourage individual review of
values (personal mastery) AND need to create (cooperatively) a set of
values and principles that guide the organization in its' behavior. This
is one of the best ways that I know to establish congruency between
behavior and hyperbole (oops--walk and talk!). Indeed--it's also a
wonderful way to determine whether or not you share sufficient values with
others in your organization to even stay where you are.

As an example, you and I might go around about the principle of harm--at
least until we clarified to ourselves what are values really are (I oppose
needless violence--however, I see violence as an authentic and necessary
component of life. I don't necessarily agree that my harming others is
ever justified--I have, though, often rationalized it).

Thanks again (your unorganizational skills are both invaluable and


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