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According to Jeremy Rifkin and others, as you create increase
productivity in one sector, you increase chaos in another -
coal fuels generate heat but also pollution. The problem
is that the use of non-recoverable assets means a down-
ward spiral. Even if we are able to mine fuel from other
planets, there is a cost of retrieving them. We can slow
the immediate impacts of entropy but we cannot halt the
general slide, as with global warming.

Bill Ward

> One word, two nearly opposite meanings:
> "Entropy" 1: Entropy production as a necessary condition for order to
> emerge out of chaos. This is the breakthrough discovery of Ilya Prigogine
> and "irreversible thermodynamic", and an issue, we can learn more about,
> when reading At de Langes posts.
> "Entropy" 2: The word "entropy" is widely used as synonym for disorder or
> chaos. And entropy production reads as increasing disorder.
> Winfried Dressler


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