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Richard Charles Holloway (learnshops@thresholds.com)
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 20:50:19 -0800

Replying to LO19763 --

hi, Steve...

I, for one, think that sermons and lectures are and will probably always
be a valid form of communication. Some of the most wonderful words ever
uttered were presented as a sermon, or address or lecture (The Sermon on
the Mount; King's "I have a dream" speech; Lincoln's Gettysburg Address;
the lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson -- just to name a few examples).

However, the person delivering the lecture or sermon must be competent and
inspiring. How many sermonizers and lecturers are not? Why should people
listen to a sermon or lecture when they really wanted discourse?

I guess, in my own clumsy way, I'm just saying that "unto everything there
is a season" and a intuitive and sensitive teacher like yourself probably
knows when to preach or lecture...and when to facilitate. I just wish
that all professors, teachers, preachers and so forth could improve their
competency and their sensitivity to their audience.


"The mystery, the essence of all life is not separate from the silent openness
of simple listening." -Toni Parker

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