Squatter Problem LO19768

Duncan Webb (DWebb@best-people.co.uk)
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:05:26 -0000

Replying to LO19761 --

Absolute rubbish. Squatting is the result of 'world new order' breaking
down, people/business moving out of an area leaving others to stake their
illegal claim. Quite often outcasts, for whatever reason, from the
existing 'new world' as you put it.

I would say that leaves your last statement fairly high and dry, it seems
unlikely that in boom times i.e. non-static, the first residents into new
areas are likely to be squatters.

Lets get back to reality, please!

> Which leads to my real point. Squatters may be breaking man's laws.
> However, they are not doing anything unusual in the broadest, historical
> sense. In a very real sense, squatting is the very first step in changing
> from one world order to another. There is no guarantee that squatters
> will improve anything, but the absence of squatting-type behavior is a
> pretty strong indication that things are too static.

[Host's Note: If we're going to continue this thread, can we relate this
to org learning? ...Rick]


Duncan Webb <DWebb@best-people.co.uk>

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