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Dear Organlearners

In reply to the request in LO19768

>Lets get back to reality, please!

our host replied with

>[Host's Note: If we're going to continue this thread,
>can we relate this to org learning? ...Rick]

Rick, my line of reasoning was that the "squatter problem" is caused by
especially the "poverty problem". The latter itself is caused by many
problems of which the "lack of learning problem" lies at the root. In
order to solve the "squatter problem" I suggested that we should extend
the concept of a Learing Organisation to involve all the people of a
country or even a continent in some cases.

There is no sense in continuing the thread if we cannot extend the concept
of a LO beyond chartered, corporate organisations. The fact that a nation
is also an organisation with a charter, namely its constitution, seems to
be too complex to contemplate at the present stage.

Maybe even the following question will also miss the target because it
is posed metaphorically.
Can an organisation become a LO with some of its
members still participating as *squatters"?

To understand this question, we have to think anew what makes
"squatters" *squatters*.

Did we have such a *squatter* at the university where I have studied more
than 30 years ago? There was a student with the nick name of "The
Phantom". When I arrived as a first year student, I was introduced to him
as "The Phantom". He seemed to like the name. The academy was at the
bottom of his list of priorities. He was already 4 years busy with his 1st
year courses. He studied for a degree in geology. When I left the
university after 5 years, he was still there, then busy with his 2nd year
courses. He certainly costed his dad a lot of money.

Best wishes


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