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Hi John,

Thanks for responding to my intro. I agree with you whole heartedly
regarding organisational culture being one of the major factors that will
affect whether a change will be successful or not. There are lots of other
factors as well and it is these plus the interaction between them all that
is my challenge to work out and model (ithink/stella).

I am currently reading 'The Iceberg Agenda-mastering corporate potential'
by Philip Atkinson 1998, Batsford Business Books which is all about
organisational culture change. It is very good. It is amazing how many
variables can affect each other. The items making up cultural change that
need to be addressed in order to get change are leadership
style, openness, empowerment, consistency in messages/mgmt style
throughout the levels, performance management techniques, training and
development initiatives, relationships, etc, etc all of these affect the
culture of the organisation.

If anyone has any more lists of factors affecting change within
organisations I would appreciate hearing from them,

Thanks again John

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