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Leslie Lax (leslax@cnx.net)
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:47:10 -0800

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Keith wrote:

>Since competence is "performance in action" rather than knowledge, which
>can exist as a static attribute, then when we discuss a Learning-org, are
>we talking about knowledge or competence as being the outcome of the
>process for the organisation?

I also think that it is competence that is an outcome stream of the
process of learning. However, I think the issue of measurement is not the
reason, but the very interpretation of competence as "[skill, knowledge,
ability and] performance in action". Learning organisations strive to
*do* things better, not merely know better how to do them.

Knowledge could be measured, I think. Think of some typical academic
exercises that regularly attempt to measure knowledge: examinations. But
knowledge is in my view not a desirable end product of learning. I
believe thatonly once we have reflected on that knowledge and applied it
to our lives and activities that we can admit to learning.

Given all this, I agree with those who see unconscious competence as a
sort of sleep walking - learning requires continuing reflection.

Still learning,



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