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Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:55:49 EST

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>I agree with those who see unconscious competence as a
>sort of sleep walking - learning requires continuing reflection.

There are times when the knowledge is best applied transparently so that
maximum performance can be achieved. Unconscious competence allows for
this. It's like the flow state where all one's attention is on the action
they are performing in the moment. Learning requires a break in the
transparency (as Heidegger would say) and actually reduces performance in
the moment. It seems to me that both unconscious competence and conscious
learning are important at different times. Yes, we want continuous
learning, but not at the expense of performance at critical times. Hence,
we can make a declaration for learning which breaks the transparency when
it is appropriate so that we can improve our performance in the heat of

Margaret McIntyre



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