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Cowan, Keith (kcowan@ORION.GLOBALDEN.com)
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 17:59:15 -0800

Replying to LO19917 --

MargMcI@aol.com concludes with:
>... Yes, we want continuous
>learning, but not at the expense of performance at critical times. Hence,
>we can make a declaration for learning which breaks the transparency when
>it is appropriate so that we can improve our performance in the heat of

I certainly do not disagree that such is practical performance of a
person, otherwise there would be great stress in the individual or perhaps
even catatonic disfunction from mental overload. OTOH, is the lapse from
learning in many areas during C/C behaviour an acceptable pattern for an
LO? If so, then my organization will outperform when it displays C/C
behaviour in many areas of competency.

Can we define an LO as one that continually evolves to C/C behaviour in a
growing number of competencies? Perhaps using the competencies that Senge

Without getting down to such specifics, we run the risk of a continuing
mental masturbation and feel-good discussions, and no emergence of new
competencies even on the LO discussion group! For the fun of it...Keith

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