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Bach Sabine (Sabine.Bach@SU.SIEMENS.DE)
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:54:59 +0100


My name is Sabine Bach and I am relatively new to this list. I am working
as an inhouse management consultant with a big german Electrics and
electronics company. One of the problems I am focusing on at the moment is
the impact you generate in your consulting projects on your client's
organisation. In general, consultants only focus on hard facts and
figures. However, I figure that the project's impact would be lasting
longer, if a consultant would be able to address soft facts as well. Soft
facts could be the organization's culture.

Hence, I am addressing culure in my thoughts. What is culture? how could
you define culture. What do I have to address in order to change culture?
I am looking for dimensions to define culture. I would like to be able
about 6-8 dimensions which could be then defind be a subset of further
dimensions. I would then like to translate those dimensions into a kind of
questionnaire that would enable me to do a "culture check" of the

So this is what I am asking: Is anybody here able to help me concerning
dimensions of organizational culture?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks

Sabine Bach
mailto: sabine.bach@su.siemens.de


Bach Sabine <Sabine.Bach@SU.SIEMENS.DE>

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