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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 17:16:22 -0800

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Bach Sabine wrote:

> So this is what I am asking: Is anybody here able to help me concerning
> dimensions of organizational culture?

Jim Wiegel here with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, a new comer to the
list. Since we have "cultural" in our name, this posting caught my eye.
We created a triangular model, called "The Social Process" which
delineates different levels of a society, community or organization down
about 6 levels. The first level delineates "economic processes",
"political processes", and "cultural processes". Each level is delineated
to another level of 3 -- This work was translated for use in
organizations, called "The Corporate Process". It is not emailable, but I
can fax something to you if that would be helpful


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