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At 11:45 AM 11/22/98 -0500, you wrote (in part):
>Dear change agents, and we all are
>I have been listening to this thread with interest and amazement. It
>appears clear to me that we have an obligation to change other people.

OK...from what, to what? And who says who is right?

>May I posit that all progress of civilization is effected through changing

Is it really? I don't think it is through changing people. I believe it
is through people changing. A sublte difference perhaps, but a powerful
one, and one that puts the responsibility where it rightly belongs.

>Whether the community of a family engages in potty training a two
>year old or the community of nations is attempting to convince dictators
>that ethnic cleansing is not allowed, the community is engaged in changing
>people. I think that At would agree that Apartied would not have ended
>without people changing.

There is the difference...people changing, not changing people.

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