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On 25 Nov 98 at 15:16, Richard Scherberger wrote:

> At 11:45 AM 11/22/98 -0500, you wrote (in part):
> >Dear change agents, and we all are
> >
> >I have been listening to this thread with interest and amazement. It
> >appears clear to me that we have an obligation to change other people.
> OK...from what, to what? And who says who is right?

One of the remarkable things about this thread (and it is interesting) is
that there seems to be an unwillingness or inability to understand that
EVERY human interaction involves changing, influencing other people.

I guess we just aren't comfortable recognizing that interacting means
change and influence, just like living involves breathing.

The only way you CAN'T influence or change people is to never ever
interact with anyone and live in a barrel.

All this talk on whether it is right or wrong, possible or not is yet
another philisophical illusion.

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