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I have no concept of measuring whether or not a team is function well. In
some ways I feel it is not even worthwhile. The true measure of whether or
not a team is function well is whether or not it's purpose is be carried
out better.

If for example the team job is to improve customer service and it is
better then the team may be working. If over time the processes used to
serve customers are changed and service is improving then teamwork is
likely to be better.

It is only the processes that serve the world that count. If these are not
being done well then the people in the team can not feel good and gain
reward form work. So I suggest you measure results f process and the rate
of improvement as an indirect indicator of team work.

In a few cases team work may be terrible and process results get better.
But but it can not endure that way. Without teamwork overall process
improvement is very limited.

The skill is to pick the right indicators of process performance to really
see improvement.


At 02:16 PM 12/8/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Does anyone know any measures or tools for measuring the impact of
>learning organization in the organization itself. Right now i am trying to
>use Balanced Score Card (Kaplan & Norton), to see the relationship between
>learning perspective and the customer, internal business, and financial
>perspective in organization, but i am so confused because of there's no
>guidance for applicating BSC in order to get the relationship of learning
>perspective and any other perspectives in organization.
>Oloan Manurung

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