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Dear Organlearners,

Sherri Malouf <sherri@maloufinc.com> writes

>To Jan. Jogn and At--
>Okay... SO none of you like the idea of a Chief
>Spirituality Officer...for different reasons. Jan and
>John seem to be in agreement that spirituality is
>something which cannot be represented by a position.
>And At felt it was too limiting...

Greetings Sherri,

Once again I have erred by communicating in terms of negative things
(fragmentations). I have written that I will not be happy with the
threefold officers:
Chief Creativity Officer
Chief Perceptivity Officer
Chief Spirituality
because they frequently they will not work together, but rather for
their own interests.

I should have said that I am a complementary dual as an individual,
having a physical complement and a spiritual complement. Spirituality,
for me, involves directly my spiritual complement as a whole and not
only some part of it. This includes my acts of creating, learning and
believing as well as their outcomes. But it also invloves indirectly,
through the duality, my physical complement. Thus, for me spirituality
has to involve me as a whole human with the focus on my spiritual

Other people complement spirituality (heart) with rationality (mind).
This makes spirituality something different that complementing
spirituality with physicality. For me spirituality includes both the
mind and heart. Leo Minning noted recently that self-dialogues are
important to him. It is like that for me also. The dialogues which
have been taking place between my heart and my mind are to numerous to
count. Thus, to interact with another person only by mind or only by
heart is alien to what is happening within me. I am quite capable of
doing it, but it never gives me pleasure in doing so. If it has to be
like that with the Chief Spirituality Officer, it will just be another
limiting office in which I find no pleasure.

Best wishes


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