LO-based Training Strategies LO21806 -case studies?

Tony Padgett (anthony_padgett_za@mail.toyota.co.jp)
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 14:50:54 +0900

I'm looking for case studies on how global organization have implemented
global training strategies based on LO principles, besides the examples
listed in Senge's books. Something along the line of a company that woke
up one day and decided to switch from regionally autonomous training
centers to a more global focus would be nice. Or, case studies dealing
with global companies that suddenly became "enlightened" by LO principles
and wanted to implement a global learning strategy would also be

Of course, any leads to anything somewhat related to the above would be
gladly accepted.


Tony Padgett <anthony_padgett_za@mail.toyota.co.jp>

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