Already a learning organization? LO21807

Martin Fry (
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 13:12:31 +0100

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This is something that 'worries' me about my perceptions of organisation.
I would suggest that any organisation is a learning organisation in the
wider sense, else there would be no knowledge or action. The question is
if they need to actively learn, now.

The answer to this question is open to interpretation (Duh!). One person's
company going down the tubes is someone else's dream org. What needs to be
identified is what is important to the organisation, and learn in that

If you're looking in an organisationally unimportant area, sure there will
be no learning. How often do you want to learn that a pedal-bin is working
if you never use it???

If you're an organisation that's in a static environment, it may be that
you are a learning organisation, but there is no outward sign to show it.
Perhaps the only sign would be 'excessive' organisational slack.



>Suppose that your organization is a learning organization, while you are
>holding that it is not. Some fun, eh?

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