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Reading these questions on questions and answers has provided a delightful
and insightful look into some cultural and individual characteristics of
the people responding. Thank you.

I remember a boss from years ago who used to ask insightful questions --
like, "why the hell did you do that?" and, "who in the @#$%@ did that!"

I seem to remember the questions better than the answers.

Perhaps I've become sort of a wimp, in retrospect. I tend to ask
questions like, "hmmm. That's an interesting thought (action, statement,
etc). I'm not sure I understand that. Would you be good enough to
explain that to me?" Then I listen real hard, and ask follow up
questions. I notice that some folks wrote about follow-up questions.
Sometimes I express those as "oh?" and " what then?" or "Would
you clarify that for me, please? I don't seem to be able to follow you?"
I sound like a real dummy to people sometimes, it appears. Nodding my
head and engaging the speaker's eyes (a cultural trait, I suppose) while
they speak often seems to lead to clarifying answers and follow-up answers
without too much verbalization on my part. Silence is also effective in
eliciting continuing responses...and may be the most powerful question in
my toolbox.

In my youth, as a journalist in training, I learned to do all of the "who,
what, why, where and how's" and I still follow that same outline when
trying to capture an understanding of some new experience. I've simply
reframed the external process over the last 6 or 7 years. Thank you for
asking the question about questions because I've been able to understand a
little more about why and how I operate. This will make an insightful
knowledge object.



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