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David Kramer (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 10:45:03 -0400

Friends --

As a marketing communications consultant, I have a couple of opportunities
to introduce marketing executives at mid-sized companies to a systems
approach to their communications (advertising, PR, website, trade shows,

I'm trying to get them to relax, take a more natural, open and authentic
approach to their marketing relationships.

For example, what if we take a few small steps to replace coercion with
advocacy and inquiry? What if we begin to replace defensive listening with
appreciative inquiry? What if we can learn to empower customers, instead
of overpowering and diminishing them?

By helping to accomplish a shift in their mental models regarding
communications, collaboration, competition etc., my hope is that my
clients will achieve a level of flexibility and adaptability that is not
possible with a traditional mechanistic approach.

Any suggestions on how I might best accomplish this? dialogue? training
techniques? scenarios?

David Kramer


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