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Bill Braun (medprac@hlthsys.com)
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 06:53:44 -0500

Replying to LO22008 --

Hi Rick,

I trust a public response to Maggi is accepatable also. My initial
response was, she's quite right and she's quite wrong. An element of truth
in what she says but perhaps a bit over damning at the same time.

If you are looking for three quick start steps to take on Thursday morning
at your meeting to start your organization down the path of learning, this
list is a bust, for sure. No such tangible "how to" check lists are the
fare here.

On the other hand (embedded opinion coming up) if you see Personal Mastery
and Mental Models as two tightly bound disciplines that have a
considerable influence on Shared Vision, Team Learning and Systems
Thinking, and you have an appetitie for thinking and/or learning to think,
then this list is invaluable. There are few other resources that compare.

Re: the in group and the out group...in a straw poll I'm quite sure I
would not be voted in as one of the experts. I've also felt well treated
throughout, and have received private affirmative/constructive feedback on
occasion. A plausible analogy might be a traditional classroom, with
students spending a fair amount of time in "receiving" mode. I like to
learn so I find the macro relationships and dynamics to my liking. I also
like to teach and this list has helped me develop good questions to use in
class. I've noticed that if I can stay the hell out of the way, students
actually learn something if I can restrain myself from teaching.

The contraditctions of the above paragraph notwithstanding, job well done
to all and carry on.

Bill Braun

>Maggi Linington wrote:
>This discussion started as a result of someone tired of reading "junk".
>This later was modified to false information. The point being that some
>people expound on a subject that they know nothing about and since others
>regard them as experts they become spreaders of disinformation. They then

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