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Bill Braun (medprac@hlthsys.com)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 07:06:51 -0400

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Harriet wrote:
>I understand the concern with partisanship on a listserv of this nature,
>but truly, how can it be avoided in a true learning organization? And
>more to the point, should it be avoided? Sometimes I think we must
>embrace the tiger, even if it is not comfortable and even painful. The
>trick would be to take what comes from that experience and see what can be
>learned from it. I'm curious as to how you and others define partisanship
>and whether it is automatically perceived as something negative and to be
>avoided. Just some thoughts........Harriett.

In its simplest form, partisanship is 1) the presence of a well entrenched
mental model combined with 2) a steadfast unwillingness to suspend it to
appreciatively inqure into the views and positions of others.

Bill Braun

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