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Greg Troxell,

You wrote:

>How might this person help others, especially the late adapters, process,
>accept, embrace, endorse or buy into the vision (as is or adjusted/some
>collaborative adaptation)?

This was the question that intrigued me about your initial post. Thanks
for steering the thread.

Have considered your question off and on over the last several days.

Helping others see your vision can be a difficult process.

Here's what we have done:

1) Broken the concept into bite sized pieces.

2) Displayed the ideas:
a) in a single reference, written as concisely as possible
b) graphically to enhance clarity and recall

3) Focused energies on exposing the concept to the most appropriate
people and forums.

4) Determine precisely how a given potential user (a single
individual/audience) of the concept:
a) can harness/apply your vision
b) will gain results - and which results

5) Speak to the value of those results.

Hope the thoughts help!

Would certainly appreciate hearing from those who have hurdled this issue.


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