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Michael Chender (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:54:20 -0300

Replying to LO22486 --

How might this person help others, especially the late adapters, process,
accept, embrace, endorse or buy into the vision (as is or adjusted/some
collaborative adaptation)?

The way I have seen this process unfold, it demands a constant
cultivation of patience on the part of the person with the vision to be
able to listen to, understand, and work with the obstacles that others
have in appreciating what he or she feels they see so clearly.. It also
demands the willingness to become further educated about "how things
really work," which I suppose is saying the same thing. Talk about
learning! Don't give up your vision, and don't give up on others, and
you'll be squeezed into a highly accelerated learning process.
Practically speaking, its very helpful to have friends who both
appreciate your vision and are not fully identified with it, so that they
can serve as good advisors and interpreters in your efforts to help others
relate to the vision.
Good luck.

Michael Chender


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