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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:25:17 +0200

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Carol Sager wrote:

>Having done much job coaching in most sectors, I find that people can
>and must be able to change their behaviors.

>the difference between good and exceptional leaders is the ability to
>adapt their behaviors to the needs at hand.

I like the metaphor of the "inner ensemble": In any situation, we have
more than one inner "voice" commenting, commanding, questioning - often
also argueing, debating, beating one another. If a certain situation
actualizes such an inner conflict, effective behaviour will be limited.
Also if some inner "team members" are suppressed and its always the same
ones coming up with their stereotypes, there will be some situations in
which the resulting behaviour will fail.

So for effective behaviour, one needs to develop ones inner team in such a
way, that "the ability to adapt their behaviors to the needs at hand" does
not violate ones authenticity.

Liebe Gruesse,



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