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>Having done much job coaching in most sectors, I find that people can
>and must be able to change their behaviors.

>the difference between good and exceptional leaders is the ability to
>adapt their behaviors to the needs at hand. >>

Among those trained with PDP a statistical "psychometric" or behavioral
tool, we speak of the basic natural self, the adjustments and the
predicted outward/adjusted self.

These three categories noted only by this tool (to my knowledge) express,
identify, chart and track the "behavioral changes" of which Carol spoke.

I often tell the story of my son who asked for a special gift as I was
leaving Northern Virginia for a business trip in Florida. He alligator?"
"An Alligator?!" I asked incredulously. "Yes, I have always wanted one."
my son replied. "Well, Aaron, I am afraid he wouldn't last long here. You
see where we live he might live for a few months, but once winter comes,
with the snow, he will die." "Why" Aaron asked. "Because he was made for
warmer weather."

So it is with most people. We all have the ability to change. Thank
goodness for few of us are afforded the privilege of our preferred
environment 100% of the time. Additionally, as Carol noted, we can choose
to change. That is through our aspirations, and continuous assertion our
BEING can be transformed. (This is triple loop learning -- a term coined
by Robert Hargrove; also espoused by Jesus Christ and other religious
leaders). These transformations are difficult but rewarding and
energizing, however change that is forced upon people is called dis-STRESS
and it depletes peoples kinetic energy, creativity and ability to produce.

I am able to share more with those of you interested. There is a flat fee of
$200 for the inventory, assessment and associated time. To learn more online
about PDP see >> <A
HREF="">Professional Dynametric
Programs (PDP)</A> (the site of another licensed consultant).

Greg Troxell
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