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HJRobles voicing a concern regarding interdisciplinarity at a university
says, in a very small part:

>the problem has not been solved and it is again on my to-do list this

A Stanford education prof has said that the problem will not be solved
until promotion and tenure comes from the university itself and not from
the discipline driven departments. thus the disciplines can worry about
content and programs but the institution must worry about the over all
programs which are being offered. Only the university as an institution
can have sufficiently broad oversight and vision to manage the shifting
and arbitrary division of knowledge into disciplines.

Right now, with the increasing speed of computers and the ability to
access knowledge across the span of human investigative and creative
processes, the need to create intellectual guilds is an anachronism. As
the world outside of the academy strives to build borderless knowledge
management systems, the academy, like so many Dutch boys trying to plug a
dike, keeps trying to build new boxes, denying the ability of persons to
develop a new form of rennaisance person. Yet, many scholars, themselves,
over time, have reinvented themselves several times over, under the
protective shell of tenure, while denying the interdisciplinary nature of


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