Systems Thinking and Personality Types LO22540
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 23:42:58 -0400

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On 31 Aug 99, at 14:59, Philip Pogson wrote:

> I have written a critique of IQ testing (Tennant and Pogson "Learning and
> Change in the Adult Years"; 1995 Jossey-Bass) and sure test results were
> and are abused, but it is just not this simple!

For those interested, get a copy of the Politics & Science of IQ,
(something like that) a classic anaylsis (I can't recall the author just
now). Also, a historical review of the largest psychology hoax involving
the IQ research of Sir Cyril Burt in England and Jensen and others in the

[Host's Note: Thanks, Robert. Can anyone provide the reference? We have
two related ideas in this thread: (1) personality type and (2)
intelligence and whether IQ measures it. ...Rick]

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