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In responding to Bryan Siever....

Please respond if you have seen or know how to find a study on the "top
ten" reasons why we work.

What Employees Really Want

1. Recognition for competence and accomplishments.

2. Respect and dignity.

3. Personal choice and freedom. More autonomy in their jobs and
to make their own decisions.

4. Involvement at work. People want to be informed, included and
involved in decisions.

5. Pride in work - to do a good job.

6. Lifestyle quality. Time for family and leisure as well as

7. Financial security. People want to know they can succeed, even
in bad times.

8. Self-development. Most people want to improve.

9. Health and wellness. As the workforce ages, more concern with
long-term health.

Other important values:

* Having fun at work
* Making a contribution to society
* Improving one's standard of living
* Developing quality relationships

Not nearly as important as they once were:

* Loyalty to the organization
* Job security
* Making a lot of money

These trends in workplace values are from Managing Workforce 2000 by David
Jamieson and Julie O'Mara, Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers.

The book also explains what the effective manager will need to do to
successfully manage this shift. A good read.


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