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Callender, Stephen (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:24:02 -0500

After "lurking" on this list since its creation, I'd like to introduce
myself and pose a question to the group.

I'm Director of the Center for Organizational Learning at BestBuy, a
Fortune 200 retailer, as of a few weeks ago. Before that, I was a senior
consultant at Personnel Decisions, and before that a learning coach at a
research engineering organization and a technical training manager at a
systems integration house. My doctorate's in Adult Education, centered on
perspective transformation in response to 360 feedback and other factors,
and my central lifelong quest is helping others learn and grow.

But enough about me - I have a question to refer to the members of the

Is there a defined set of behavioral competencies - for managers,
individual contributors, executives - that helps an organization to become
a "learning organization" ? To what extent are the learning
organization's competencies so team/group/system/organization focused that
individual behavioral competencies are transcended?

having followed this list for several years, I eagerly await the

Steve Callender
Phone: (612)9964868


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