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Annette Chappell (a.chappell@cqu.edu.au)
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Replying to LO22726 --

>Andrew - I am having some difficulty with the way you have contextualised
>Sam as 'an eminent scholar, a son of a farmer, a man with a limp, as
>someone who speaks hesitantly' as if this had some meaning for you but the
>meaning you acquired or invested in that relationship was summarised as a
>'pleasure and a privilege' - here is my challenge then...! if you are
>engaged in exceptional dialogue with someone then you are probably
>experiencing a mutual polyphony - his hesitance, lameness, scholarliness
>are superficial factors surely and scarcely relevant to the exceptionality
>of the interchange - how can one isolate a thread in the web without
>conveying the whole web?

[Host's Note: I think the above are Annette's words, not a quote of
Andrew's. ..Rick]

Further... I also question (happily) the notion of the seed of the poet in
the scientist and vice versa - polyphony is not, I believe about
understanding through oppositional ideas - i.e. a scientist is the
oppositie of a poet, or that there may be some transformational seed
embedded within one entity which saves it from 'monotone' - we suffer from
boxes from contexts which frame our understandings and limit our capacity
for hearing the full harmonics of the individual - learning is about the
capacity to hear beyond the obvious, to step through the frames which are
constructed around us and to vibrate our intellects in the polyphony
occurring around us at every moment - which is neither pleasure nor
privilege, but communion...

perhaps I am too enmeshed in some current thinking about sacred labyrinths
- the moving into the centre (of things, people, matter, energy) in order
to retrieve the essence and bring it to the outer realm where we regularly
dwell - the labyrinth journey seems to generate more meaning for me than a
web. A web to me is fixed, purposeful, has tensile strength against others
who might join with it - the labyrinth is about a very different
experience of what it is to be human.

Kind regards Annette

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