Preventing corruption of caring love. LO24479

From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 04/27/00

Replying to LO24419 --

>Winfried, you asserted:
>> *** An organization which defines it's identity
>> *** in terms of providing needs to their customers
>> *** will not emerge into a learning organization.
>How do you see it?

I have gone mad.

Imagine: I started with sales, changed to marketing and from there arrived
at strategy. On different levels I dealt with finally only one question:
How do we provide for our customers needs?

Unfortunaltely, around Karfreitag (Friday before Easter) like Petrus I had
to realize that I am corrupt. Now I'm mad. Wondering what is better, well
not really wondering...

Sorry, no 'intellectual sparring' for the moment. But thank you for

Liebe Gruesse,



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