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From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 05/08/01

Replying to LO26616 --

Mark Spain writes:

> Does anyone know of any effective, inspiring short stories to read out
> loud to a team of people learning to be open and to collaborate powerfully
> with each other? I am seeking to create a collection of stories to help
> facilitate organisational learning and change in a respectful way.

> These stories would be like parables or metaphors to help people reflect
> curiously on learning, humanity, success, failure, hopes, desires, fears,
> losses, perseverance, ignorance, futility .... and yet celebrate a way
> forward that is uplifting. These stories may involve people, different
> cultures, animals and landscapes.

The topic of stories in LOs has been discussed several times on this list.
Try the following URL for a good sample:

(Exercise for the reader: how could you change the above URL to search for
"calf path"?)

Warm wishes to all lovers of stories,


Don Dwiggins

"The teacher is not one who has lived and the student one who is going to live, but that both are living now, in the present, that it should be fresh life meeting fresh life." -- Mary Parker Follett

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