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Date: 05/24/02

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OK but there's one hell of a missing link somewhere

America's got better at quality through NIST and Baldrige

But not to put a gloss on it, corporate leadership integrity has gone
walkabout in many cases; greed at the top and lack of total stakeholder
transparency is now worse than in the years of junk bonds

And companies don't have measurements in places as learning organisation
systems which get any share of voice versus quarterly numbers ( I have
never seen so many viciously spiralling organisational systems in 30 years
of trying to mend the beasts)

And you don't need to read this English guy's lips try Bush's at

Anyway's were taking testimonies on what to do about this (250 word
co-content managed scripts by anyone who feels its time for human beings
to put responsibility back into corporates, any which way) starting early
june at

chris macrae,

> > I guess I have a bit of an agenda looming; I believe that social
> > transparency gaps (and their ability to reinforce profitability and other
> > good stuff) are now greater than the quality gap was 15 years ago; and it
> > is time that social integrity, learning organisation and quality were
> > converged into one standardisation and benchmarking process
> >
> > ...anyone for or against, such a suggestion?
> Chris, to me, the work of Senge builds solidly on that of Deming. The way
> my organization works is to take the work of both, as well as that of
> Argyris and others and to build learnings and other events which recognize
> the interrelationships. The inputs to a LO are social inegities, the
> outputs are quality.
> [Host's Note: Senge and Deming had a very positive working relationship
> in the last few years of Deming's life. ..Rick]
> John F. Zavacki


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