Motivation to Learn when in Despair. LO28599

From: Benjamin Compton (
Date: 05/24/02

Replying to LO28585 --

Andrew writes:
"My friend Jeff Gates has made a wide and intense study of idiots like
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, their minions and their cronies as sub

Andrew, may I ask a simple question: If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are
idiots, how did they *learn* to be so successful? And if two idiots can
learn to be so successful why don't more people learn the same thing?

"the hundred of thousands in my society and yours who hoard this gigantic
reservoir of this means of free exchange are evil beyond compare. As Gates
says it, there is no end of capital, no end of capitalism but far too few
true capitalists."

Andrew, may I inquire into your thinking. What does evil mean to you? Why
do you believe that the wealthy who do not share their wealth are evil?


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