Learning Org. Criteria, Tools, etc. LO29622

From: Douglas Merchant (dougm@eclipse.net)
Date: 12/02/02

Replying to LO29614 --

From: "Fred Nickols" <nickols@safe-t.net>
> Doug's definition raises some questions. Feeding back the response from
> past behaviors to shape future behaviors could result in future behaviors
> that are more or less effective. ....(snip!)... I see nothing but
> endless debate regarding the "goodness" of any particular learning and a
> much more likely consensus regarding the "effectiveness" of any particular
> learning. In short, I can see fairly clearly how to judge the
> effectiveness of learning but how are we to judge its goodness?

I agree with questionable utility of using "goodness" as a learning
criteria. The same problem arises from using effectiveness as a learning
criteria. Effectiveness requires a specified purpose the learning may or
may not serve. My point was that organizational learning can happen (the
response from organizational behaviors can be fed back and shape future
behaviors) without the guidance of any external criteria, including
"goodness" or "effectiveness". I suspect much organizational level
learning happens unnoticed by those in or observing the organization or
only noticed long after the fact ("Oh, so that is why we ....!").


doug merchant dougm@eclipse.net

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