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Date: 04/16/03

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Due to a recently installed virus scanner, some of my mails were not sent.
Possibly also the one below. I am sorry for the inconvinience.

Leo Minnigh

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Dear LO'ers

 Are we not all waiting for a prince on a white horse?
 I borrowed the first quatrain from a book at the Bed & Breakfast at North
 Moreton, domicile of dear Andrew and Anona and the country of the author
 Tolkien (Lord of the Ring).

 Patient peace

 Before the gods that made the gods
Had seen their sunrise pass
The White Horse of the White Horse Hill
stood hoary on the grass.

 Still waiting for a prince
to ride a peaceful ride
On the White Horse of the White Horse Hill
with haughty bearing, full of pride.

 Before the sun that made the nights
had found the underground to hide
And Dark Ages overran the lights
Days and years and time, they died.

 The White Horse on the White Horse Hill
Bides its time to ride
With the prince in sunrise light
Keeping peace with pride.

 Leo Minnigh


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